Automobile picnic

Are you VW car owner? or you love VW? Like to have a cool time among friends and VW iniatives? We invite you to the Bughouse Fest 2017 event. And don't forget to get your friends with you.

Entertaiment program

Festival is a true fun, we plan to have much music, tons of networking, many contests and entertaiment on the Bughouse Fest 2017. All contests winners will be awarded.

Shops & Garage sales

Have some rare parts which could interest festival visitors? You may take them on event and open a personal garage sale on-site. Several official shops will be presented on the stage (Paruzzi, CSP, RetroSound).


11 countries are participated in this year!

Currently our festival is unique for Russia, the only International festival. Bughouse event is loved by many teams and in this year we have many participants from European countries, Baltic states and Russian cities. There will be cars from Holland, Belgium, France, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarussia, Moldova and Russia.

Bughouse Fest Gallery

From year to year the festival are becoming bigger and popular. See photos below from the previous events.

  • July, 7, 2017
  • July, 8, 2017
  • July, 9, 2017
  • Starting – July, 7

    The festival officially start on the 7-th of July, 2017. At 16h00 we are opening festival territory for participant cars. Festival executives will be registerring all teams, assigning parking lots for cars and busses and camping spaces for mounting tents. The evening is dedicated to networking.

    The most operations are taking place before 21h00 and then from 22h00 we are planing to show the documentary movie regarding VW iniatives in Russia. NB! Please take into consideration, if you will be late or in the deep night, please call our festival manager on-site to prepare and provide you a pass.

  • Main program – July, 8

    On Saturday we have a very extensive program. 07h00 - 10h00 – the rest of participants are coming and taking the registerred spaces on the event. At 09h00 cafes and bars are openning for breakfast and picnic. From noon the entertaiment program starts. 14h00 - 16h00 – we organizing contests under many nominations, awards ceremonies, festival officials.

    17h00 – starting the music program. There will be a great concert with loved rockabilly music bands. Announcing the headliner of the music event – Jets music band, other popular bands are coming soon.

  • Closing ceremony – July, 9

    On Sunday we have follow-up breakfast and closing ceremony of the festival 2017. In this day participants are dispatching from the place from 08h00 to 13h00.

    After 13h00 we are closing the territory and will be waiting you in 2017.

The Festival in a nutshell

Это неформальное мероприятие

It's a non-official event

Festival organizer is a Bughouse atelier and the fest idea – to provide a creative space for networking and fun. We unite all VW iniatives under the festival program for non official contacts and projects showcase. In this year more than 10 countries will take part in the festival.

Фестиваль имеет долгую успешную историю

Longlasting story

The event was created for participants, the goal of the venue is to generate positive energy, drive and summer feelings. The festivals are always organized in outdoor, close to nature and sea coasts. You may take your barbeque with you and cook whatever you like or do a cooking masterpiece on the venue area.

Мы стремимся сделать его самым позитивным

Strive for positive energy

Organizers are nomineering teams participated, selecting the best cars and restoration projects in different categories. The program for supporting automotive culture & restoration techniques is carrying out in the exhibition track of the festival. The most perfect projects are awarded by our partners and selected for further activities.

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Bughouse Festival Movie

Bughouse Video flashback 2008-2015 had taken in St.-Petersburg:

Partners in 2017

Special for navigators

Routes to the event place

Please see the interactive map the venue area to create the route. In 2017 Festival is taking place in Petrovkaja kosa on the coast of the Finland Gulf in the vicinity of the city sightseeings. This place is a well-known yacht-club from the Soviet time. We are waiting for sunny days, fresh air, beautiful gulf landscapes and many positive feelings. Yacht-club marine is the best place for VW people meetup.

Useful information

Festival venue is located in Petrovskaja kosa, St.Petersburg. Parking lots are organized near the Finsky gulf coast. Participants could mount camps and tents in the selected places only, please don't forget you are situated in the heart of the historical place (yes, the well-known Russian revolution started here). All usefult information we collected in the united delegate package book and it could be downloaded via web in PDF format:

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